How do two CEOs create family systems?
masterclass Series
Topics Will Include:
☑ Navigating power struggles between parents.

☑ Creating effective schedules for two CEO households.

☑ Establishing a lifestyle rhythm which serves children, parents, and your businesses.

☑ Common pitfalls in dual working households.

☑ How to systems to help ease the guilt.

☑ A fresh perspective on parent guilt.
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Meet Your Host:
With an extensive background as early childhood teacher and director, I now currently a consultant families seeking support in navigating the big and small challenges or early childhood. An all-around optimist and solution seeker I will help you uncover the many possibilities that have yet to be revealed. I am the person you are hoping to meet when things go amiss. I am the person who will see your child as a whole. The person who will help you promote change and growth in areas that are of concern without feeling like a horrible parent during the process. Parents, I will preserve the uniqueness of your family, and above all, I will seek to improve your child’s adjustment into the world without making them feel less than. From typical children to children with special needs all family units are welcomed and appreciated. 

I will help put words to your feelings, translate what your child is trying to express and empower you to make choices that will create a positive shift. When you are tired, lost or overwhelmed, I will provide the calm, clarity and optimism to make forward progress attainable. I strive to connect, not only the child to the parent, but more importantly to connect the parent to their own gut. My ultimate goal is not to create parenting perfection, instead to create a true connection between each member of the family.  

Joshua Castillo
🔒 We value your privacy. We will not share or spam your email address with anyone outside of the hosts of this event